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The Antarctic is also affected by climate change

 Hello this is some of the work I have done in the classroom
Antarctic People are getting Affected Majorly  By
           Climate change in more ways than one

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Crisis in The Antarctic is becoming high and deadly . Their country is collapsing at their very eyes, Hunting season may never appear again, Words disappearing within a few days, sea levels rising and causing floods ,people dropping dead from buildings falling on top of them and others being forced to move out .On the top of that  there temperatures rising at rapid speed .This is normal day life for people in the Antarctic , because of us,  because we caused climate change

Towns collapsing
Towns are starting to collapse because of climate change. People are losing their homes because of the horrible thing that is happening. Hopefully all this will stop and everyone's houses and shops will be built back up . Hopefully people can get under  what is going on and stop it so that  they can start the lifes over again.

The Newsela website states that the reason why everything is falling is because the foundation that supports the building is stuck into the ice and the ice is starting to melt away  which causes the houses to lean and eventually topple over and kill people in the process.

Ice melting affects animals
Thanks to wikipedia I found out that the icebergs are melting and they are turning into water. That is why Sea levels are rising; this is because of climate change.  Because there is so much ice the sea levels are rising a lot and once again the antarctic  has been  affected because they are the ones  that get the floods that we cause ;and yes this does majorly affect animals as well as the people lots of the animals will get swept up and drown by big waves.

It is not just the people we affect ,but the animals can not breade either because they use the ice to bread on.And also keep their babies safe while they grow up and learn to swim; now you wouldn’t want a big, hungry polar bear living on your  street would you? So why would the people in the Antarctic? .  

If something does not happen soon then all the animals will become extinct; this would seriously affect the animal kingdom and the people as well because there hunting season will disappear and they will have no food.
Words Disappearing and changing
According to Newsela Tagneghneq that is a word that means thick black ice,it has disappeared and why? Because there is none left , nowhere at all it has all melting away with their buildings and animals.

Along with that there words for ice are changing day by day as the ice does, week by week and it is all because of those greenhouse gases, climate change is the issue.

People Getting forced to move out
Because of all the things that are happening around them, and us 31 towns are needing to move out; but the people will not  move they want to stay and they tell the experts from newsela that there rots are here and that they would rather stay here and die then move and live. Others fight back and tell them that they need to protect their children.
2 communities have already decided that it will need to change and move out but the other 29 are still under risk and need to be pushed a little harder.

Now we are causing people to move out of there homes that they need, want and depend on so badly. We are causing climate change and it is only us that can change that horrible, life threatening fact.

Other Countries that are affected by Climate change
It is not just the Antarctic ;there are plenty of countries that are being affected because they have a smaller voice. That is why caritas is helping the countries like Tonga, Vanuatu, Fiji,Nepal,Papua New Guinea and many more

But there problems are in different forms like  Fiji sea levels are rising, Papua New Guinea is getting droughts and a earthquake has just struck in Nepal. There are many others these are just a few Countries that Caritas helps and the effects that have happened because of our selfish actions.

So many places in the world are affected by us. We are causing people to get crushed and soon to starve. We need to think about everything and how it will affect other countries and people. People are people no matter where we live; we desperately need to stop climate change.

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The Antarctic is also affected by climate change

  Hello this is some of the work I have done in the classroom Antarctic People are getting Affected Majorly  By            Clim...